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Trang chủ » Why is leadership itself the message to employees in times of crisis?

Why is leadership itself the message to employees in times of crisis?

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented changes in the world. Every individual, organization, business or country faces governance challenges to minimize the impact of the epidemic and prepare for recovery after the epidemic is over.

World leaders have offered several perspectives on how leaders can lead their organizations and businesses through the crisis.

Gary Burnison, chief executive officer of Korn Ferry, a global consulting organization and the world’s largest recruiting firm, said that more than ever, leaders must be at the forefront these days. It is very important to share information with the organization, from strategy, speed, direction and expected action results, do not forget that the person who delivers the message – the leader – is the message.

“It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it,” Garry notes, noting that leaders need to be willing to accept the truth, which means creating a corporate culture that makes people feel safe. when they say what they really think without fear of punishment instead of just saying what they think the leader wants to hear.

Maintaining the flow of information is also essential and becomes vital. Messages need to be honest, confident, and passionate to help ignite the spirit of the organization. These factors help prevent the kinds of speculation that can lead to fear or chaos.

Meanwhile, Marian Salzman, senior vice president, global communications of Philip Morris International (PMI), said that the current crisis in terms of scale is unprecedented in more than 10 years.

In the period 2007-2008, the entire US financial system was paralyzed in the crisis caused by subprime mortgage lending, leaving everyone in panic. But that was before the digital age and social media could amplify every message, both positive and negative. While the current global crisis is happening too fast and too unpredictable, it is difficult for leaders to prepare contingency plans, because what is happening has never been recorded in the history books of developments and consequences. or long-term effects. She believes that leaders need to be prepared to accept losses.

Citing the example of Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO announced that he will not receive a salary until the end of this financial year, she thinks this is an example for other CEOs to follow. The existence of the business forced airline leaders to reduce wages, require employees to take unpaid leave as well as layoffs. All to cut costs to hold out until the crisis is over, and to keep enough resources to resume operations quickly after.

Following the example related to Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool Football Club, Ms. Marian said that leaders should focus on their field, should not fall behind the trend and things outside their expertise, inherent. can cause unnecessary social disturbances. He said: “It doesn’t matter what celebrities say, only those with specialized knowledge should give their opinion on the relevant issue.”

Marian Salzman also said that while every individual, organization, business and country is implementing solutions to help with social distancing, connection is very important. Therefore, leaders more than ever must have activities to tighten the spirit of solidarity and cohesion with a common goal. Because “after all, the damage that businesses suffer is probably more due to the way leaders respond to the crisis than to the new strain of corona virus itself.”

Glenn Llopis, expert on leadership strategy, outlines 4 things leaders need to do when a crisis is happening that upsets every aspect of people’s lives. If before the crisis, we sometimes lost our breath before the speed was too fast, now, all the wheels are forced to stop, we become disoriented.

Therefore, a true leader needs to become part of the solution, when he unleashes his true personal potential. At the same time, don’t forget the human, human aspects of this journey. Don’t be afraid to share your own story. Because everyone wants to know what their leader is thinking and feeling. It is because of the curious nature of people, so leaders should open their hearts to those around them to understand. “A great leader is one who can communicate effectively with sincerity and purpose, without concealment.”

Besides, be sympathetic to others, because a crisis can cause a lot of people to become disoriented and behave differently than usual. Listen, help, share your views when appropriate and at the right time.

And now more than ever, learn and improve – that is, let the crisis be a trigger to make you more prepared to face the future. “In a crisis, no one really has all the answers. Right thinking allows leaders to think clearly, to realize the impact of the crisis on their teams, organizations and even themselves.”

                Source: Forbes Vietnam


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