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Trang chủ » What do managers need to do to retain talent?

What do managers need to do to retain talent?

When it comes to retaining talent, many people immediately think of salary and bonus issues. However, for talented personnel to stick with the company for a long time, there are many other decisive factors such as: Working environment, promotion route, training and development roadmap…

Good human resources are always the core factor to build the image of the company and improve its competitive position in the market. As today, good personnel becomes more and more important, creating high-class service quality, giving customers the highest satisfaction. However, recruiting talented people is difficult, keeping talented people is even harder. Because talented employees are always “hunted” from other units. Therefore, retaining talent is always a challenging problem of human resource management… So how to retain talent?

To solve this problem, first of all, it is necessary to understand what talented personnel are most interested in?

1. Healthy competitive working environment

No good human resource wants to limit themselves to a small “box” that makes them limited or envied. They always want to challenge themselves, assert themselves. Therefore, in order to retain talents, managers need to create an environment where there is healthy competition.

2. Clear career path

A clear promotion path from the beginning helps good employees feel motivated to strive and want to contribute more to the business. Besides, the idea of rewarding the right people at the right time is also an important catalyst to create inspiration for employees.

3. The right to own work

Assigning an important task to good employees will make them feel connected to the organization, responsible and planned to perform that task in the best way. When individuals can arrange their own work and freely propose ideas, they will have a sense of belonging and become a part of the organization.

4. Training and coaching programs

Organize training programs, professional training for employees not only to improve qualifications and skills, build a professional staff but also create motivation to retain talented people. Through these training courses, employees will feel that they are cared for, learned and have many opportunities to develop themselves.

5. Trust in leadership

Trust in the working environment and the head of the organization also determines the attachment of good employees. If there is a conflict between employees, the leader will become a bridge to heal and solve the problem. At the same time, the leader sets a clear example and orientation for employees, helping employees feel more clearly the development of themselves and the organization.

6. Differences in behavior and expression

If an employee’s behavior doesn’t match your expectations, don’t be so quick to doubt them, try to understand their intentions rather than just looking at what they’re doing. The different manifestations are the biggest barrier that makes the gap between the Manager and the employee gradually fade away, which only people in superior positions can solve satisfactorily.

7. The importance of work

One of the important reasons leading to the distrust of leaders for employees is the difference in the assessment of the importance of work. By letting the conversation take place freely in a two-way communication, the more open the leader is, the easier it is for employees to share. From there, helping leaders understand the work progress and gain more trust from employees when giving them the most useful advice.

8.Differences in working style

Each person has a different working style and this difference is easy to cause misunderstandings, even causing leaders to lose trust with employees. When the leadership is clear and detailed and employees choose the general presentation direction, the two will not be able to agree on the job. At these times, leadership should go straight to the problem to ask employees to make necessary adjustments and agree on a solution.

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