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Trang chủ » Talent retention strategy of Vietnamese “big men”

Talent retention strategy of Vietnamese “big men”

Retaining talent is a problem for both small, medium and large enterprises. CEOs of the largest corporations in Vietnam share their businesses’ talent retention strategies.

Trinh Thu Hong – Human Resources Director, FPT Corporation once shared the key factor to retain the talents of this enterprise: “From the very beginning, FPT has considered people as the most valuable asset, all All goals are aimed at the interests of people. FPT does not keep people with salary or benefits, which is the most unwise way to do it. What we can do is combine the two elements of Learning and Activity. At FPT, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, live as themselves and live in a united environment. , teammate”. She affirmed that the Group’s strategy is to always consider people as the most valuable asset with 5 core values: respect for individuals, innovation, comradeship, justice, exemplary, and discernment. Ms. Hong said that FPT’s training and working environment always encourages employees to be creative, develop talents and support start-up projects.

One of the differences that FPT’s culture creates is that subordinates can openly and honestly communicate with their superiors. Listening to different opinions is a way for FPT leaders to encourage innovation and creativity among employees.

Meanwhile, Viettel’s General Director Nguyen Manh Hung said that Viettel always follows “the philosophy of Ton Ngo Khong” – that is, it does not require high demands for 95 people, but only needs to be high with 5 people. General Director Nguyen Manh Hung once shared, there was a period when Viettel always wondered “where to find talented people”. In 1998, Mr. Hung went to ICI telecom in Israel to ask about the above question. To solve this problem, ICI telecom said that the company only managed 5 people. These are the five brains of the corporation. All problems are sent here for them to handle and they suggest solutions. All knowledge is concentrated on these 5 people. As such, their organization has a smart brain, agile limbs and a smooth system. Those 5 people have left all knowledge to the corporation.
According to the above calculation, with the current 25,000 employees, Viettel only needs to train 5% ie 1,250 people. These people will create the process for the other 25,000 people to work. That will make Viettel’s human problem much easier and more convenient.

The secret to retaining talented people of Chairman and CEO of Mobile World Nguyen Duc Tai is: Never consider an employee as a seller of labor, but the boss plays enough tricks to buy it at a cheap price. On the contrary, “my strategy is to keep the best talent at the highest cost”.

He also hopes that Vietnamese businesses can see through human resource issues. When the relationship between the boss and the employee is a buying and selling relationship – a buyer of labor power, a seller of labor power, it is inevitable that one party wants to buy cheaply and the other side wants to sell high. Those who want to buy really cheap must have a trick, those who want to sell high must also play tricks, and that business is just a group of people who play tricks to buy cheap and sell high to each other.

“As long as you change that to companionship. We go together and if there is a result, we share it together. At that time, the business will go very quickly,” Mr. Tai said.

And when the profits are shared fairly, anyone in the company intends to do anything to affect the results or profits, the rest of the people will not leave. Because at that time, he was not affecting a certain boss but affecting the assets of the employees in the company.

“That’s why Mobile World is getting extraordinary results. This is not what other businesses dare to do, because the profit sharing is too great, but we do it”, Mr. Tai emphasized.

According to Mr. Vu Minh Tri – CEO of Microsoft Vietnam, the imbalance between supply and demand is happening everywhere, including Microsoft and Google. How to attract talented people, the right people to work, how to develop them, how to keep them, those aspects are connected with each other and in the human resource plan. “With Microsoft, to find Talent development is a long pursuit, sometimes months, sometimes years, not encapsulated in 45 minutes of an interview. If the CEO and HR director don’t get together to figure out who in the market can best fill the position, how can an alternative or backup plan be made? You have to hunt, but you can’t find “free players” – Mr. Tri shared.

Talking about the boss’s role in sharing with human resource directors, Mr. Tri said that one person cannot find a solution, Microsoft has 2-4 hours a week just to share human problems. the relationship between the boss and the HR person, the level of talent development and the level of salary increase. Must see outstanding cases to treat better, have certain special treatment to retain talented people. If you can’t do it, you will definitely lose someone.

“The talent competition will always happen, always have to face that problem with lists of how many key people to keep? How do they grow with the company? Share value to create Creating a corporate culture is also the power to attract talent. I believe that no business can develop sustainably and successfully without relying on corporate culture”, Mr. Tri concluded.

Source: Vietnamnet

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