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Trang chủ » Not only “Salary and bonus”, Good boss is the top factor to keep the HIPO team

Not only “Salary and bonus”, Good boss is the top factor to keep the HIPO team

Any manager, leader or company recruiter always wants to find and own excellent and excellent employees to bring the best results for their business. However, the reality shows that after a period of working, these groups of HIPO (High – Potential Employee) employees “take off” to jump jobs for many reasons.

When salary is no longer the most important factor..

If in the past salary was the most important factor to attract and retain potential groups of employees (HIPO), in the current context, more factors are needed to retain this group of employees such as remuneration. , working environment, skills development opportunities and other flexible arrangements,… Among them, “Good boss – Good boss” is becoming one of the optimal elements of the art of “retention” “Human resources are used by leading organizations and businesses in the world.
Competence and qualities of Managers and Leaders are a mirror for each employee in the company. Particularly for the talented group of employees, they not only have the same principles and requirements as well as high expectations for themselves, but also expect the same things from those around them, especially with their superiors. Therefore, in order for good employees to stay, respect and work hard, the boss must be good – the boss must be good. An excellent manager is someone who knows how to guide employees to improve themselves, to encourage, “create momentum” and develop for each of their employees.

How Managers Retain Potential Employees

1. Express expectations and praise

Skillfully eliciting and expressing their expectations for employees in order to show their trust, confidence and appreciation for their role in the job in particular and the company in general. If managers often express frustration or lack of communication without expectations and praise, employees will gradually become depressed and disappointed while they themselves have tried and given their best for the job.

2. Create a healthy competitive environment for employees

Talents need space to develop their abilities and roles. Therefore, managers and leaders need to create a healthy competitive environment for their employees. Both can learn from other “rivals”, while motivating them to make efforts, share and hone their own abilities.

3. Empowerment, Work Delegation and Supervision

Letting go of responsibility and empowering, authorizing more HIPO employees is what managers and leaders should do. This way not only helps the boss himself reduce the pressure, but also makes them show credibility to good employees.

To become an example of “Good Boss”, you need to be good at management
Managers who want employees to respect and trust need not only to be professional but also to be excellent in management. Usually, people who are promoted to management have excellent expertise, but that does not mean they are not good at management. Many of them are not or have not been trained, trained through management courses in a methodical way. Therefore, in order to become a good example – good for employees to follow, managers need to learn and practice the necessary skills to manage and lead the human resources team.

In the near future, GEM Global will open the course “Development of management capacity for middle managers – CDMM” for middle managers, groups of HIPO employees and potential people who want to develop their capacity. administration. Click see more to find out information for a chance to join the course.

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