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Every Manager needs a unique leadership style. While we can still draw inspiration from other famous Leadership role models, to shape and develop your own personal mark, you will have to give up imitation. This can be a bit difficult since most of us have a tendency to imitate others.


Leadership Style is the method and approach of a leader to set directions, implement plans, and motivate employees. Leadership styles are often expressed through actions either explicitly or implicitly from their leader (Newstrom, Davis, 1993).

Usually, each Leader has a unique leadership style, but at the same time, it is possible to combine two or more leadership styles to suit the time and situation (Situational Leadership). After all, Leaders are often most comfortable with a fixed, personal leadership style.


So how to make a personal impression in leadership style? Let’s start with these 3 basic steps:

1. Clarify who you are?

As you begin your personal style journey, ask yourself: WHO ARE YOU? Each of us is unique, with a unique identity and style, yet not everyone understands and “finds” their selves – that is really ambiguous for most of us.

Today, there are many methods to define yourself. Usually, leaders often choose to listen to feedback and comments from relatives, colleagues or trusted partners and advisors. Or you can use scientific methods, personality tests, etc. to listen and reflect on your own self. But most importantly, you have to “read” yourself. Understanding who you are (self-awareness) is an important first step towards authentic leadership.

2. Set goals

Mastering a skill requires practice. We are familiar with setting goals in work and career. So, is setting a goal to become a personal leader different from other goals? Basically no different, you can use the SMART method to define and detail the goals you need to achieve.

Importantly, a personal leadership style is not simply a complementary skill, it is like a “work personality” that reflects who you are. Bringing yourself forward – being ready to show it to others, listening and adjusting to fit – is the attitude if you want to deepen your personal mark in your leadership style with the group.

3. Get a Trainer

Finding a Coach is very important because we can’t see everything clearly and transparently on our own. Lessons and practice with Coach will not only help you become a better leader but also become a more comprehensive individual in all areas of life. A Coach will know how to recognize and point out your shortcomings and guide, encourage and motivate you to break down barriers, open your mind to your own leadership path.

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    • Đề cao tính ứng dụng và những chia sẻ thực tiễn cho người học.

    • Học viên sẽ chỉ được cấp “Chứng chỉ Khóa học” hay “Chứng nhận Tham dự“ nếu tham dự hơn 70% tổng số buổi học tại lớp của khóa học đó (nếu vắng trên 30% tổng số buổi học tại lớp thì sẽ không được cấp “Chứng chỉ” hay “Chứng nhận”).

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