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Trang chủ » How important is HR engagement today for businesses and some suggestions to increase engagement

How important is HR engagement today for businesses and some suggestions to increase engagement

Employee engagement and understanding the factors affecting engagement are fundamental and important factors of the human resources industry to help businesses make reasonable and sustainable development policies.

To answer the question “What makes a company more successful than others in the same industry?”, it is not too difficult to see factors such as products, services, strategic plans, modern technology. or better cost structure is in focus. Although all contribute to improving business efficiency, the above factors can all be copied by other organizations, in fact there is only one factor that creates a sustainable competitive advantage, reinforcing core values. and the long-term strength of the company, that is the people – the staff.

The results of recent human resource studies around the world simultaneously show that engaged employees are far more effective than disengaged employees – and therefore, in the battle for competitive advantage that People play a key role in making a difference, building a cohesive team is also the ultimate goal of not only the HR industry but also the overall development orientation of companies.

Full mount must be seen from local

A survey conducted on 1500 employees showed that there are 3 main factors affecting team cohesion today: Relationship with direct supervisor, trust in senior leadership and self-confidence. Proud to work for the organization. Specifically, employees shared that personal relationships with their immediate supervisor were key. The behavior and attitude of the immediate supervisor will either enhance team cohesion or may create an environment that makes employees disengaged.

In addition, employees also shared that they believe in the ability of senior management to lead the company in the right direction and open communication with all departments in the organization is a key factor in promoting the success of the company. team bonding. Other factors that lead to team engagement are when employees are treated with respect, their personal values are recognized, and the organization cares about employees’ feelings.

According to the survey, on average, out of 1500 employees, only 29% are really engaged, 45% are not fully engaged and the remaining 26% are not engaged. In particular, employees who tend to be highly engaged are often characterized as senior managers, working in a large organization, having university degrees, high to high average income, and being under the age of 30 or above. 50 years old.

On the other hand, people who are less engaged or not engaged with the organization are often characterized as new employees (especially those who have been in the organization for less than a year) who have to work directly with customers a lot, who people working for some specific fields (government, military, education and production), middle age (40-49 years old), highly educated (people with post-graduate degrees, etc.) and have low or moderate income.

Today, team cohesion and loyalty are more essential than ever to an organization’s success and competitive advantage. Gone are the days when a young person starting his career joins a company and stays until retirement, at least in today’s business environment, there is no guarantee of that.
HR experts also predict the current job turnover rate could rise to 65%, and with recruitment costs around 1.5 times annual salary, the ability to attract and retain the typical employees will be significant impact on the profitability of the organization.

Forming a tendency for managers to care

Employees want their managers to be interested in their personal lives, seeing them as separate individuals, with different emotions and concerns; and support for their health and well-being. A manager’s ability to build true rapport with employees, build regular team interactions, and lead in a people-oriented way can create an engaging environment in which employees can maximize their potential.

Therefore, if a business chooses to go the long way, the staff should be one of the biggest investments, although it can be expensive in the early stages, it is also an investment channel that brings a worthy “profit”. Best.

Lower propensity to quit

One or more absent employees interfere with business productivity, delay projects, and create a bad image in the eyes of customers. An engaged employee is self-motivated to get the job done and wants to be an outstanding individual on their team, so they typically have a lower absenteeism rate. Furthermore, employees who are engaged and satisfied with their jobs are less likely to switch jobs. If leaders want to retain talent in the company, then establishing an environment that encourages work and increases employee satisfaction is very important to improve employee engagement.

Higher productivity

A study of more than 23,000 businesses found that companies with high employee engagement were 18% more productive than those with low engagement. And the 18% figure is enough to impact the productivity of the entire business and its future success. It can be seen that if the business succeeds in building an employee engagement environment, the productivity will increase, the customer will also be more satisfied, which ultimately leads to a higher profit for the business.

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