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Trang chủ » Effective remote employee management strategies – Part 1

Effective remote employee management strategies – Part 1

Imagine that when you were at the company, you could keep track of whether your employees were on time or not, were following company style, were working or not. But when employees work remotely, you absolutely cannot grasp the above.

So you need to have effective strategies to manage remote employees

“Improved” management method

Working remotely is different from working in an office. Therefore, superiors also need to change their management methods towards employees. Don’t supervise your employees 24/7, always check to see if they are working or not. That management method is too outdated and not very effective.

Instead, let your employees work proactively and voluntarily. Instead of monitoring their work too closely, regularly visit and encourage them to see if they are having difficulty or need help.

Besides, it is not necessary to carry out professional style and uniforms like at the company. The work-from-home environment must be a comfortable, non-restrictive work environment. Do not require your employees to work according to office hours or to wear work uniforms when working from home. Let them relax mentally, as long as they still complete the work on time and the goals set.

Monitor employee work progress

If you do not track the work progress of employees, you will not be able to know how far they have completed their work, whether they have met the set targets or not. Therefore, it is essential to regularly monitor the work progress of employees.

You can set up a common app to connect and manage all your employees. In this general application page, create a detailed plan for each task and its completion date. Do not forget to remind employees to make it a habit to check the application page to update their assigned tasks and report on their progress.

Reasonable division of work, suitable for each individual

Each individual will have their own strengths and weaknesses. The division of work will greatly affect the performance and work progress of employees. Please divide the work so that it is just enough, not too much, in accordance with the capacity and expertise as well as interests of each person.

Do not just force them to do things that they do not like because it will make employees feel bored, tired, unable to complete the work according to the leader’s expectations. Don’t give them tasks that are too difficult, beyond their ability and expertise to complete. Be a wise leader, have a broad and objective view.

Set clear goals and deadlines

When working from home, we often tend to procrastinate. Without setting specific goals and deadlines, employees will feel a lack of motivation, thereby leading to neglect and neglect in work.

Therefore, as a professional manager, you must know how to set specific operational goals, make a clear work plan and divide it up for employees to complete the work on time. If necessary, organize online meetings to discuss work and exchange information more easily and quickly.

Know how to listen and understand

As a manager, the first thing you need to learn is how to listen and understand. Listen to what employees report, listen to the difficulties and challenges they face at work, listen to their suggestions and ideas.

In addition to stressful working moments, you should actively visit employees, chat with them about daily life. Don’t just be a rigid leader, but try to be a friend of your employees, always knowing how to listen and understand their feelings.

Only then will you be able to grasp the general situation and build a stronger bond with your subordinates.

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