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Trang chủ » Attract talent by building employer branding

Attract talent by building employer branding

Employer branding has become a mandatory part of organizations’ human resource strategies to attract and retain talent, especially in industries where human resources are scarce such as real estate, insurance. . Most of the “delicious” candidates today have found a place for their careers. However, according to the latest report of TopCV, 95% of young employees are ready to accept new opportunities when they are stable.

They receive recruitment information every day, whether active or passive. A friend recommending a new job, emailing the recruitment floor every week… can also cause them to change jobs. Therefore, branding for employers is one of the most important strategies in today’s time to attract talented people.

What is employer branding?

The concept of “Employer Branding” – “Employer Branding” has been around since the mid-1990s. Employer brand is understood as the brand reputation of the company as an employer, instead of its name. of a company in the market. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, from 2004 to 2008, the topic of employer branding became of special interest.

Large corporations such as Unilever, Shell or P&G have applied their branding programs as employers in the recruitment market just as they have done to build company brands in the market. The traditional consumer market. This fact stems from the increasingly fierce competition in the recruitment market so that companies can attract good and higher talent to work for the company. surname.

There are 3 reasons why businesses need to invest in branding recruitment right now: (1) Save time and recruitment costs; (2) attract talent and (3) retain current staff.

According to the survey, 75% of candidates search for information about Employers on the Internet before deciding to apply for a job. 39% of candidates are willing to accept a lower salary if the company has a good working environment and promotion opportunities.

Steps to build a business brand

Step 1: Assess the situation & determine EVP:

To be able to build a reliable and effective recruitment brand, HR Managers first need to re-evaluate the image of the current business. Starting from the working environment, leadership capacity, corporate culture and remuneration mechanism. Both internal and external sources can be used to make an assessment of an employer’s brand health.

Then, determine your own EVP – both ensuring differentiation and attractiveness to candidates and employees. EVP (Employee Value Propositions) is a basic concept in Employer Branding, which can be understood. are the characteristics and benefits of the enterprise to encourage candidates to apply for jobs or create long-term motivation for current employees.

A true Employer Branding is to convince the candidate that the business is a great working environment. And defining what “a great work environment” is like – or identifying EVPs – requires deep internal understanding. By referring to both internal and external sources of the enterprise in step one.

Step 2: Communicating the recruitment brand

Now that you have defined your business’ EVP, you need to find a way to let as many candidates know about it. Then, “how to say” and “where to say” are two important questions you need to answer.

Popular branding methods:

– Through images: 44% of people say that they are more likely to interact with a business if the business posts images on any media (fanpage, Blog, Newspaper, outdoor advertising …) . This image can be photos or videos about the business. Their content can be employee moments at the company, some internal activities, company images at some events, etc.

– Build their own recruitment page: 80% of workers search for job opportunities via the Internet, and most have at least one social network account for work as well as personal purposes. So why not show up where they can see it? A professional recruitment page, be it a recruitment landing page, Fanpage, Company profile at Linkedin … must ensure the following criteria to maximize the candidate experience:

  • Easy-to-see display
  • Simple to use
  • Simplify the direct registration process
  • Express corporate image and culture
  • Compatible with mobile
  • Constantly updated
  • Interact often

– Create recognition from the community: Whether you really are an ideal working environment or not, any message you send out is less convincing without 3rd party recognition. workshops, community events, awards, press launches, meetings with representatives from the government, ministries, etc. Although they do not contribute directly to revenue, they are of great help to the recruitment brand. in particular and corporate branding in general.

– Calling for sharing from employees: Referring candidates is considered the most effective recruitment method thanks to its low cost but still ensures high quality of candidates. A program to promote the introduction of internal candidates closely built, associated with the company’s culture and policies will not only help the company obtain a large source of candidates, but also enhance the image of the company. industry more widely. Also, don’t forget to encourage your employees to share their feelings about the company online. You can turn these into internal company-founding contests, or create social networking sites that allow employees to contribute their own content.

Step 3: Evaluate and measure:

Employee brand communication becomes meaningless if the business does not have a means of measuring the business (or measuring ROI). To evaluate objectively, recruiters need to create measurable metrics for each campaign, such as views, number of applications. At the same time, businesses also need to refer to the data of the same field for a more objective assessment.

Currently, many businesses have been aiming to expand their branding campaigns in front of candidates, through setting up booths or as speakers at events such as Career Day. job). This is also considered by experts as one of the leading forums for promoting the company’s image to thousands of potential candidates in the most effective way.

With the traditional method of job posting, it may help you in recruiting candidates of certain niches, but in general it does not really work with the right candidates for the company.

In fact, on the current forums/groups, a lot of HR complains about the ways in which job postings are posted, as well as using the current mass support tools that don’t help much for recruitment anymore. .

It’s time to change your strategy so you can attract as much talent as possible with more creative Employer branding strategies – like making a clip about your company’s work culture or posting an interview about your company. company on community sites.

Source: HR Insider 4.0

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