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Trang chủ » 7 tips to use voice effectively for presentations

7 tips to use voice effectively for presentations

Voice is an important tool for inspiring and engaging audiences. To create attractive, clear, natural and expressive, voice is an extremely important factor. Here, we’ll talk about ways presenters can use more energy in their speech.

1. Intonation and melody

A speech with a steady voice, with no change in tone, will only hold the audience’s attention for the first few minutes. So, when rehearsing for a presentation, decide which sentences or passages deserve attention and adjust your tone to emphasize these points. But try to do this naturally! If something sounds exaggerated or false, your audience may turn away from you.

2. Volume

Remember that the goal of your presentation is to be heard and believed by your audience, forget about communicating so that everyone can hear you. To draw your audience’s attention to certain parts of your speech, try varying the volume – sometimes louder, sometimes softer – so that selected passages stand out from the rest. again. Even if you’re presenting with a microphone, don’t always speak softly. In some cases, it’s better to stay a little away from the microphone and speak louder than usual. A speech is no ordinary conversation and a presenter cannot convey passion and enthusiasm if the content is conveyed lightly.

3. Clear

Don’t forget to read each word clearly to make sure your content is clear and understandable by your audience.

4. Emphasis

With just one sentence, emphasizing different words can change the focus of the message. Changing the emphasis can change the meaning and/or connotation of the whole sentence.

5. Take advantage of the pause

Carmen Taran notes that it’s rare for presenters to use pauses. According to Taran, when pauses are strategically placed in a speech, they can make the difference between a good presentation and a great one. The use of pauses can serve several purposes: to give the listener a chance to absorb what has just been said; to create expectations about what is to be said; to give the presenter a chance to think about what will be said next; to give the presenter a break; and even give the presenter time to think before answering a particular question.

6. Pace

If you regularly receive negative feedback about the speed of your speech, whether it’s too fast or too slow, practice to give your presentation a more natural pace. If a speech is delivered too quickly, it can cause listeners to lose time and cause anxiety in the listener. If it’s too slow, it can be frustrating and even frustrating.

7. Tone 

There must be consistency between the speaker’s tone of voice and the content being conveyed. No one can express anger when speaking softly, nor can anyone show control of the situation if using a scared, worried tone. Make sure you capture the content of the presentation, check that it is true to what you believe, then adjust your tone accordingly.

Don’t forget to apply these 7 tips to use voice effectively for presentations, we guarantee you will have a better performance and the audience will listen more enthusiastically.

Source: according to SOAP

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