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Trang chủ » 6 techniques for using body language to improve presentation effectiveness

6 techniques for using body language to improve presentation effectiveness

Effective presentation is an art; a method of communication that combines both verbal and visual messages to engage listeners. A talented draftsman can assist you with your script, but when it comes to presenting to others, we’re not all born artists.

Taking the time to learn some simple body language techniques can dramatically increase the power of your presentation and transform your audience from passive observers into active participants, Be captivated and inspired by your message.

1. Posture

The way we control our bodies says a lot about our confidence, and when placed in the spotlight, our posture becomes all the more important. Dropped shoulders and downcast eyes indicate inhibition or even worse, a lack of enthusiasm for the subject in question. On the other hand, posture can also suggest arrogance.

Aim for a cheerful image, with an upright yet relaxed posture. While it’s easier said than done, perfecting your posture will not only give you confidence but also help you stay calm and control your voice effectively.

2. Mastering the stage

Whether you’re presenting in front of thousands of people at an international conference or a meeting room with 20 delegates, master your space and use it to the fullest. A presenter who just stands still is not able to engage the audience. Controlled movements are essential but move wisely – too much will divert attention, too little will seem forced.

If possible, rehearse in advance to increase your mastery of the stage.

3. Use your hands

Structured nonverbal communication is the perfect complement to a well-crafted speech. Controlled gestures can help express ideas, emphasize key points, and add drama to a presentation.

Use hand and arm movements to draw a visual picture that reinforces your ideas but remember to be in control. Excessive hand use creates an unwanted distraction.

4. Facial expression

Our faces are capable of expressing a wide range of emotions, and when we observe and imitate someone’s facial expressions, we can remember the other person’s message for a long time. There’s a lot of advice on how to smile when giving a presentation – an expression that works best for most presentations, but this isn’t the only option.

Shock, confusion, skepticism – all states of mind you can use for your presentation. As humans, we tend to unconsciously mimic the emotions we observe in the faces of others. If possible, practicing your speech in front of a mirror can help you master the expression that best supports your message.

5. Eye contact

Eye contact fosters connection. But with a large audience, it’s not achievable for everyone, but try to do as much as you can.

Eye contact not only builds trust, but it also allows you to measure your audience’s reaction and possibly respond with a response, turning a formal speech into an open conversation.

6. Avoid death caused by PowerPoint

Death caused by PowerPoint has become so common that it is now an official phrase in the current world. A good presentation can support your message, you should use it as a support tool, not a complete dependency.

Draw attention to specific images through the use of your body language. Direct your audience’s gaze to meaningful slides, or pause when images speak louder than words.

The key to any good presentation is practice. An actor can’t walk on stage without a few rehearsals and neither can you. While it can take years to master, taking the time to understand how to use body language will help you express yourself confidently and create your own style.

Source: GEM Global translated and compiled from The Presentation Group

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