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How to successfully host the first meeting as a new Manager?

As a “Newbie” in the Manager role, the first meeting will definitely be an important milestone for building, organizing and better understanding the HR team. So how to impress and create trust for the team?

According to Social Psychology, first impression is an important, decisive and lasting factor in the office environment. Here are 5 Golden Principles that new Managers should not ignore to make the best impression and effectiveness on their first launch.

1. Set goals – Build trust

Make it clear that the goal of the first meeting with the team is not to outline a vision for the new period or to declare a management role. This is the time to build trust and define the processes, principles or work culture you want to promote for your team. What do you want your employees to see in you?

See you are worthy of their trust and respect

See you humble and ready to help them

See you strong and decisive in every action

Building trust is important, remember that you’re new and the team doesn’t really trust you yet. Only when there is trust, all orientations set by the Manager will receive consensus, initiative and excellent completion from the staff.

2. Take the time to get to know and build relationships with each of your employees

This is one of the aspects that new managers often overlook the most. Many people think that reaching out and getting to know each individual person will feel forced and cliché – but this is an effective method to help you quickly “make friends” and understand your team. Try starting with a few simple familiarization questions such as your favorite food, impressive movies, etc. These exploits can be a rich source of material for you to motivate or motivate. group of friends in the future.

3. Don’t just talk about the Manager role, tell more about yourself

This is not the time to spend too much time showcasing your achievements or knowledge, instead it is an opportunity to show who you really are – what motivates and inspires you on the internet. Manager position. The more your team knows about who you really are, the higher their trust in you:

Share your leadership philosophies

Your Goals as a Manager

What motivated and attracted you to the company?

Express your desire to help, share, and motivate others to do a good job with you

Talk about personal preferences

Note that you should not get too caught up in talking about yourself, so keep the time at 25% to ensure the understanding and reception of both parties.

4. Let everyone know that you are in the “Management Apprentice” position

In a leadership role, it is inevitable that there will be pressure when faced with the responsibility of leading and managing the team. Admit it, you can’t always be thorough and excellent at answering an employee’s questions. As leaders, we are under pressure to have answers to all our problems. Revealing the imperfect sides of yourself is easy to make you fall into a humble, normal state in the eyes of your subordinates.

Remember that “first time parenting, no one can do it well”, so don’t be afraid to let everyone know that you’re in the “Management Apprentice” mentality, saying, “I I’m new so all of you in this room know more than I do. You guys have insights and experiences that I don’t have, and vice versa. Treat me like a sponge and I want to learn, find out. know and know all about you”. Basically, a learning mindset is one of the best ways to demonstrate and build trust in a team.

5. Be proactive in the next steps

Many Managers often use the phrase “Stop by my office if you need anything” at the end of a meeting – This is a mistake, this statement implies that if they have a question or concern Why do they HAVE to come see you – This only adds to this burden on them. Remember, you are the one who needs to ACTIVELY learn, not your subordinates. Instead, try to actively meet and listen and help each person.

Becoming a full-fledged Multitasking Manager is extremely difficult, especially for those who are just starting this route. In fact, some Managers, through forging experience and good thinking, can smoothly adapt to management roles. However, when the working environment has events that require managers to adapt and be agile to take on the role of mediator between the leader and the team, then if only based on qualities, experience, experience and ambition, you will be easily knocked down in the management chair.

Therefore, no matter how much practical experience or industry understanding in the role, if you want to sit firmly in the “hot seat” of management and go faster on the road to promotion, you need to equip yourself with the right mindset. Necessary leadership and management skills

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