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Trang chủ » 3 important things in the Jewish art of negotiation

3 important things in the Jewish art of negotiation


When dealing with the other party, first find out what the other person wants? After knowing that, have to think about what can I give?

The basis of negotiation is to find common interests between themselves and the other party. The principle of reciprocity between people is a fair agreement. If you understand this well, you will know when to negotiate forward and backward at the right time. But there are people who always only work hard to pursue their own interests, ignoring the interests of the other party.

No negotiation is 100% win-win. During the negotiation process, if both sides refuse to make concessions, how can an agreement be reached? Therefore, we are conscious of giving ourselves the greatest benefit in negotiation, but we still have to calculate in advance within a reasonable, moderate level, to give the other party some benefits. This can reduce the risk of negotiations breaking down to a minimum.


The purpose of negotiation is not to defeat the opponent, but to convince the other side to agree with his or her opinion, so it is best not to appear victorious, not to back down.

In negotiation, although what you say must be reasonable to be persuasive. But the ultimate goal is still to make the opponent understand. To be more precise, “moral” is not enough, it is still possible to reach an agreement, but if you can’t understand each other, having enough “ethics” will not achieve the goal. This requires words in the negotiation that are both reasonable and reasonable.

Therefore, absolutely do not use “ethics” to force the opponent into the dead end, the secret of negotiation lies in finding a way for the other party to understand his or her opinion.


When organizing negotiations, more or less must create prominence to help you achieve your purpose. On the one hand, it is necessary to pay attention to appropriate dress and ceremony, avoid wearing strange costumes, bright colors and eccentric words and actions, on the other hand, must carefully consider the details related to the location. point, time, negotiation participants and negotiation order. You should not think of these little things as trivial, not worth worrying about, because they always dominate the negotiation process.

Calling negotiation an “art” is not an exaggeration. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, you should definitely not think that these details are not important…

Source: According to the book *The Jewish Art of Negotiation*

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