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Trang chủ » 10 things managers need to do differently to be more successful

10 things managers need to do differently to be more successful

We all know that managers will have good and bad people in their roles, and chances are we remember the characteristics of both quite vividly. Those who do well are probably positive influencers, those who do not always show us mistakes and are difficult to influence others. Excellent managers can have profound effects in their organizations. Their behavior, integrity, and treatment help others better. Managers not only directly influence their team members, but they also indirectly influence others. Here are 10 things management needs to do differently to be successful:

1. Treat others as they would like to be treated:

Much of what makes managers more successful than others is following the simple golden rule we all learned in kindergarten: treat others as they want to be treated.
If you want others to be respectful, consistent, honest, fair, loyal, kind, flexible, and empathetic, treat your employees the same way. That’s what great managers do.

2. Exude Integrity:

Successful managers have a high degree of integrity, they demonstrate honesty, sincerity, steadfastness, and trustworthiness regardless of whether they may offend someone or experience some unpleasant conflict or negative consequences. . They say what makes sense and do the right thing through their actions.

Likewise, if they are uncertain about a commitment or promise, they will not fulfill it, because they realize that repeated failure to follow through shows that their words are empty, disappointing their employees and questioning their commitment.

3. Be an example for employees:

Successful managers are due to following policies and procedures, following the rules, modeling the company’s culture and values, setting an example and embodying all the behaviors and attitudes they expect. Wait for your staff.
In addition, excellent managers often work harder, if not harder, than the people they manage. They don’t think they are entitled to a different set of work standards than employees because of their role and title.

4. Show humility:

Too much pride and ego hinders the effectiveness of many managers, which is why successful managers have humility. They don’t let their title, authority, power and importance enter their heads. They don’t think they know or deserve better than the people who do the work, they don’t put their success and ego above others, and influence through inspiring rather than commanding or imposing.
They are more givers than they are participants, more involved than dominant, and quick to take responsibility when things go wrong instead of placing the blame on others.

5. Listen and communicate well:

Effective managers need to communicate and interact with their employees regularly and professionally. Likewise, a great manager is attentive and listens closely to the needs of his employees to meet them. In fact, they do more listening than talking, because their job is to help their employees solve problems to build a strong and successful team.

6. Encourage employees to unlock their potential:

Great managers do more than just manage results – they seek out and encourage the best in their employees. They help employees identify unique talents and align those strengths in a way that best meets their needs. They understand that each of their employees has different potentials and they encourage their employees to “explore” to be the best they can be with their intellect, knowledge and leadership.

7. Acknowledgment of employees’ efforts:

Successful managers always recognize the efforts of their employees, especially the value of their contributions, achievements and ideas to the team and the organization. Point out their accomplishments and acknowledge them privately or in front of others.
Thank you notes may be rare in the workplace, but they can really make an impact in your employees’ working lives, reinforcing their commitment and motivation.

8. Delegation and capacity development of employees:

Successful managers not only freely delegate new projects and tasks to their employees, they help employees develop the competencies needed to produce the results they desire and the autonomy to accomplish them. task with support.

9. Replication of talent in the team:

Successful managers multiply talent, making people smarter and better at their jobs. They cultivate talent and intelligence across their team by training and mentoring their employees, getting everyone involved and generating ideas; and give their teams autonomy, authority, and responsibility.

10. Lead an effective team:

Successful managers lead employees towards the right solutions, clear instructions and provide the necessary information for employees to perform their tasks. They are available to answer questions, train and provide mentoring support for employees. When employees hit a roadblock, they offer advice on how to improve

If you are a manager, consider the fact that you spend a significant amount of time each week with your team members and how you can use this time to become a manager and leader. better. Managers have a tremendous opportunity every day to make a difference in the lives of their employees and create a positive, fulfilling work atmosphere.

Compiled from the source: HR Insights Blog

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