Why choose GEM Global

GEM Global boasts the following 5 differences:

Quality training program

We build quality training solutions thanks to two important factors. The first is owning a team of high-quality lecturers with practical work experience and many years of domestic and international teaching skills. The second is the content of training programs compiled by domestic and international experts in accordance with learners' needs.


Update global development trends for Enterprises

We pioneer in training up-to-date skills based on global development trends.


Emphasis on Awareness (Mindset) for learners

The ultimate aim of training is to be able to bring about change for the better. We believe in the principle of Change in training: AWARENESS -> ACCEPTANCE -> CHANGE (Awareness -> Acceptance -> Change). The Mindset factor is emphasized in our training programs. This philosophy is the red thread throughout the program development as well as influences the teaching methods of the lecturers from GEM Global.


Emphasis on applicability and practice

GEM Global is the first training organization in Vietnam to research and apply the training method that integrates Practical Training into Training (Integrating Coaching into Training according to GEM Global's own method). This training method enhances practicality and practice. Integrated training will also help students understand more deeply, remember longer and be able to immediately apply them to work.


Quality Assurance

For training programs specifically designed for businesses (Inhouse training), GEM Management Academy will organize completely free make-up lessons for the same group of students with other similar instructors if the NPS (Net Promoter) index Score) after training was smaller than expected. (For more details, please contact GEM Global's consulting department)