Who are we?

Who are we?

Over a decade of contact with tens of thousands of Managers and Leaders, as well as thousands of corporate customers in Vietnam. We deeply understand the characteristics of Vietnamese learners as well as the local culture.

We also approach and work with many of the world’s leading training organizations as well as experts and good lecturers in the world and in the region. We are deeply aware of how to provide our clients with superior quality training.

GEM Institute of Management (GEM Global), a member of Smart Train Training Organization, a prestigious and leading organization in training international certificates in Finance – Accounting – Auditing in Vietnam.

We are focusing on training six key competencies

GEM Global is capable of providing a wide range of Training, Coaching and Consulting solutions for Enterprises in Vietnam.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the creation of the next generation of Global, Future-Ready – For the Future Managers and Leaders in Vietnam by becoming a trusted partner of Businesses and individuals through providing providing quality training, consulting, and practical solutions.

GEM Global has been constantly developing new training solutions, researching the most effective training methods for Vietnamese learners through training research activities and cooperation activities with organizations. leading training institution in the world. These international organizations are: aAdvantage Consulting, IMA, Wolters Kluwer