GEM Global's training and coaching methods

GEM Global’s training programs are always oriented towards practicality and application for learners. In addition to the careful compilation of content, we also attach great importance to training methods.

With the training philosophy “Students-centered“, we always aim at the Outcome after training. GEM Global is the first training organization in Vietnam pioneering the integration of Practical Training methods into both during and after training. This approach is reflected in four elements in each training program:

For Post-Training enhanced courses:

In training:  Teachers will assist learners in setting change goals and making action plans to achieve those goals.

After training for at least 1 month:  Teachers will help learners come up with solutions to practical difficulties; feedback; Editing for students. In addition, lecturers also create opportunities for students to share their perspectives and learn from each other.

Benefits:  Effectiveness after training will be much higher. Application method Post-training group coaching can help Learners & Enterprises achieve ROI at 4 or 5 high levels in training.