GEM GLOBAL Recruitment

GEM Global, a unit in the same system as the leading training organization in Vietnam – Smart Train, due to the fast and strong development demand, we are looking for colleagues who share the same values ​​and passions in the world. human development journey and become a reliable training partner of enterprises.

Job description:

– Interview or survey training needs from Corporate Clients;

– Participate in consulting and building training programs for corporate customers

– Design the program outline (outline), textbooks and lecture materials (lecture slides, handouts, tests…) to meet the needs of corporate customers, and at the same time ensure the format standards of GEM Global ;

– Quality control, perfecting the teaching content proposed by the Lecturer.

– Work with Experts and Trainers to ensure successful training programs.

– Collaborate with Partners, Experts, Instructors to develop new training contents and activities for classroom or online programs;

– Coordinate with experts and lecturers to build and develop new training programs for GEM Global;

– Coordinate with the Board of Directors to search and participate in bringing foreign training programs to Vietnam.

– Develop to become a full-time lecturer of GEM Global to directly teach some programs of GEM Global;

– Implement post-training effectiveness evaluation projects with Experts/Teachers

– Translation of foreign training materials necessary for the development of lecture content


– Graduate; have good English communication skills;

– At least 3 years of experience in the training industry, specializing in program design and training content;

– Having teaching skills is an advantage;

– Have good skills in using Power Point and Word and can use online training tools;

– Be professional, agile, creative and positive;

– High sense of responsibility.

Job description:

– Organize Public and Inhouse courses at Enterprises – Ensure classes are organized thoughtfully, professionally, according to GEM Global standards

– Coordinate with BP training consultant, BP Education to contribute to the quality management of courses

– Work closely with BP Consulting, BP Education and GEM’s client businesses to organize effective courses and events.

– Provide preliminary course counseling support for students and businesses when needed

– Participating in organizing online and offline events and seminars.

– Trained to take on the above tasks

Job requirements:

– Graduate; able to communicate in English; Have a professional demeanor

– Love the job of organizing classes, events, or want to do work related to communication, transaction, connection.

– Quick, friendly, likable, careful

– Responsibility.

– 1-2 years of experience working in the field of customer service or care is an advantage

– Like/willing to go to work.

Job description:

– Consulting training solutions of GEM Global for individuals and businesses

– Search for potential customers

– Consulting training solutions of GEM Global to individuals, organizations and enterprises.

– Build and maintain relationship with old and new customers

– Coordinate with the classroom implementation department to ensure a successful course implementation

– Coordinate with Marketing department to successfully organize online and offline seminars.

– Other tasks as directed by the Head of Department or CEO

Job requirements:

– At least 2 years of experience in sales or service consulting.

– Graduated from university or college, professional appearance and demeanor.

– Dynamic and responsible; Able to work both independently and as a team in a professional, high-pressure environment

– Having worked as a consultant in the education and training industry is a great advantage.

– English communication – Eager to learn, progressive, honest.

Job description

– In charge of Digital Marketing-related activities: FB advertising, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, website administration and social media channels of GEM Global to generate leads according to the target

– Collaborate with CEO to implement Marketing plans and branding campaigns.

– Together with the CEO, complete the set of tools to support the consulting team

– Participating in content creation

– Coordinate with consulting team and IT department to manage and implement webinar projects (webinars) and traditional seminars

– Other tasks as directed by the CEO

– Be trained to go further in the career of Marketing, branding.


– At least 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing field

– Technically strong to be able to take on specific Digital Marketing targets.

– Graduated from a university or college with a related major or economics

– Dynamic and responsible; Able to work both independently and as a team in a professional, high-pressure environment

– Knowing how to design and create, edit videos is a big advantage.

– Eager to learn, progressive, honest.

– English communication

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