GEM Global's Training System

GEM Global is in the same training system as Smart Train, the leading organization in training for international certifications in Finance – Accounting – Auditing in Vietnam.

After 12 years of establishment, the Smart Train training system has made positive contributions to the career development of the Accounting, Auditing and Finance industry in Vietnam. Smart Train is the only training unit in Vietnam authorized to train 4 global certificates in the field of Accounting – Auditing – Finance: ACCA, CMA, CIA, CFA.

During its operation, Smart Train has trained many generations of Auditors for Big 4 corporations, many CFOs for multinational corporations as well as members and heads of supervisory boards for General Managers. large companies and corporations in Vietnam. Smart Train also regularly cooperates with Government Agencies, Ministry of Finance and Global Organizations to organize seminars that have a profound and wide impact for the Accounting – Auditing – Finance profession in Vietnam. .

GEM Global, together with Smart Train, our training system will contribute to creating generations of Vietnamese Leaders and Managers who are both good at expertise, good at leadership and mastering soft skills. We are passionate and cherished to play a part in creating Global, Ready – For Future Managers and Leaders in Vietnam (Creating Global, Future – Ready Vietnamse Managers) – Quality Human Resources quality according to global standards to be ready for the upcoming opportunities and opportunities of Vietnam.