On-demand training

In addition to how the “Public” training program is regularly recruited, GEM Global also deploys training programs designed specifically for each Enterprise. With GEM Global’s global partner network, we have the ability to deploy the same training program in many different languages, as well as in many different countries in the region and around the world.

Training methods

Training methods

The success of a training program specifically designed for businesses depends a lot on the level of customer understanding and consulting process of the training organization. At GEM Global, we pay close attention to the difficulties, expectations and training needs of each client. This perception greatly affects our method of “Inhouse” training:

  • Understanding the difficulties and expectations of the
  • Business Leadership Board for the whole organization as well as for each individual student.
  • Pay attention to the differences in the business field as well as the cultural characteristics of the Enterprise.
  • Select training content that focuses on the core issue of the Enterprise.
  • Appreciate the applicability and practical sharing for learners.
    Get continuous feedback from learners and businesses throughout the training process to perfect the program according to its goals.

    Submit a training request

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    Enterprise training requirements

    Training process according to Enterprise requirements


    Set training goals

    GEM Global collects information from enterprises about the current status and expected results after training.

    Designing training programs

    In order to create a specialized program for businesses to require, GEM Global continues to research on the target audience, the specific factors in the business field as well as the culture of the customer organization, then design the content. the most suitable program.

    Compilation of training programs

    The team of experts at GEM Global prepares course materials, selects transmission methods and builds experiential activities suitable to the program content.

    Implement training program

    GEM Global cooperates with Enterprises to organize the program according to the agreed plan.

    Implement training program (if any)

    Depending on the complexity of the program and the requirements from the Enterprise, the Training team at GEM Global participates in training to help students improve the application results after the course.

    Evaluation after training

    GEM Global conducts the evaluation of the results based on the objectives and criteria initially agreed with the Enterprise.

    Why choose GEM Global as a training partner?

    Why choose GEM Global as a training partner?

    We understand that no one training program will be completely suitable for different businesses because each business has different challenges, different expectations, different business characteristics, different cultures. different organizations and different characteristics of learners. The element of “tailoring”, adjusting training content and designing specific class activities for each customer plays an important role in the success of each course.

    • We pay close attention to and carefully study the current difficulties and post-training expectations from the
    • Business Leadership Board in order to understand your training needs.
    • We uphold the “designer” element to aim for the best possible training quality.
    • We have a quality control process to ensure that the content of the training program is taught according to the designed content.
    • We have a diverse, qualified and experienced faculty.
    • We value practice and application after training for learners.
    • We have a policy of free make-up study for Enterprises if you feel unsatisfied with the course (*). Please contact a counselor to learn more about “free make-up school policy”

    Teaching staff

    Teaching staff

    Like Smart Train, the brother in its training system, GEM Global boasts a network of quality instructors, seasoned with professional, practical and seniority in teaching skills.

    Đội ngũ giảng viên

    Some training topics are often organized

    Organizational Development Capabilities:

    • Professional CEO
    • Building a Good Business Strategy
    • Designing and Shaping Organizational Culture
    • Breakthrough Thinking
    • Situational Leadership
    • Think Out of the Box
    • Leadership Awake (SIY)
    • Mastering the Core Principles of Governance and Leadership
    • Building Customer Experience – New Heights of Competitive Advantage
    • 4 Talent Management Best Practices in Excellent Organizations
    • Risk Management For Leaders
    • Building Marketing and Brand Strength for Leaders

    Team Development Capabilities:

    • Capacity Building for Middle Management (CDMM)
    • Capacity Development Organizational Operation Department
    • Project management
    • Developing Team Management Capacity
    • Driving Change and Transformation
    • Excellent Team Building
    • Advanced Management For Leaders
    • Employee Training & Coaching
    • Planning & Organizing Work
    • 6 Thinking Hats in Meeting Management
    • Successful Strategy Execution & Effective Operation
    • Performance Management
    • Project Management for Non-Professionals
    • Conflict Management
    • Effective Recruitment Interviews For Managers
    • Empowering and Delegating Work
    • The Art of Inspiration and Motivation
    • Effective Communication In Team Management
    • Mastering Influence Leadership Behavior

    Financial Management Competency:

    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Finance For Leaders

    Competency of Human Resource Management:

    • Professional Human Resources Director (CHRO)
    • Construction & Administration of Recruitment System
    • Human Resource Strategy Design & Operation for Enterprises
    • Building & Deploying Performance Management System
    • Building & Deploying Salary Scale System & Welfare Policy
    • Building & Deploying a Training Management System
    • English for Human Resources Management
    • 4 Applications in Talent Management
    • Internal Trainer Training
    • Human Resource Management For Managers
    • Multicultural Awareness

    Business Administration & Marketing Competencies:

    • Modern Sales Director (CCO)
    • Professional seller
    • Value-Based Professional B2B Sales
    • Store Manager Capacity Development
    • Key Customer Management
    • Building Strong Brand Strength and Marketing
    • Building Differences From Customer Experience
    • Customer Care Strategy
    • Data Analysis & Business Estimation
    • Regional Business Administration
    • Business Planning & Implementation

    Personal Development Abilities:

    • Flexible Adaptive Leadership (SIY)
    • Communicate Effectively & Make an Impact at Work
    • Effective time management
    • Persuasive Presentation
    • Presenting Impressions Through Storytelling
    • Negotiating Successful Negotiation
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence For More Effective Leadership
    • Effective Leadership in a Multicultural Environment
    • Applying DISC Tools to Leadership
    • Stress Management (Stress)
    • The Art of Storytelling & Inspiring With Numbers
    • Data Analysis
    • Positive Thinking
    • Professional Behavior in the Workplace