Consulting solutions

Consulting solutions

With a team of experienced experts from many fields in the Vietnamese market, GEM Global is ready to accompany Enterprises with practical and comprehensive consulting solutions, helping them achieve their goals in business. :

  • Building a competency framework for all levels and positions in the enterprise.
  • Develop and implement a training plan
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Consulting and Building a Human Resource Information Management System

Counseling process


Assess the status

The consulting team at GEM Global collects information about the nature of the problem customers are facing, and the expected goals from the customer.

Solution development

From the collected information, GEM Global selects the right solution for the identified case, develops an action plan and manages the implementation with the customer.

Solution Deployment

While the action plan was implemented, GEM Global continued to provide technical support and implementation tools to create change.

Monitor and test the solution

Consultants regularly monitor and check the implementation process to ensure the strategies are still being applied correctly.

Complete solution

Consultants work with clients to continuously collect feedback to continuously improve solutions to meet stakeholder goals.

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