What is enterprise?

What is enterprise?

Today, businesses are interested in how to develop their business and leadership team with the actual goals and plans of the business, instead of just organizing skills training to develop skills. capacity development as before. As a result, business coaching services are becoming more and more popular.

Corporate coaching is done based on the goals set by the coach (Coachee). The coach plays the role of listening and giving feedback so that the trained person can see for themselves the true nature of the problem they are facing, and at the same time, motivates them to plan and act in reality to achieve the goal. be targeted. During this process, the trainers will think for themselves, come up with solutions and actively implement them without being forced by any personal views from the Coach, so their own potential is realized. explore and quickly develop to new heights.

What types of business training does GEM Global offer?

GEM Global's training service will support individuals and groups in the business through the following forms:

Personal coaching

One-on-one coaching service for individual clients who wish to develop their unique problem-solving and thinking abilities.

Business coaching và Executive coaching

One-on-one or group coaching service, exclusively for business leaders who want to solve problems to achieve business or management goals and develop leadership competencies professionally

Group coaching

Group training service for departments and divisions to achieve business goals.

Why choose GEM Global to train the team?

Why choose GEM Global to train the team?

The team of Coaching experts from GEM Global are not only experienced in the field of Professional Coaching but also are senior personnel in prestigious organizations. Therefore, the Coaches deeply understand the situations the Client encounters, and at the same time easily spread the fire of enthusiasm so that the Client always moves forward, grasping success.

Besides, GEM Global always strives to provide the most complete system of capacity development solutions for customers. During the training, we have the ability to respond to requests from the Client to assist in achieving the goal.

Training process of GEM Global


Unified goal

Coach and Coachee discuss the goals Coachee wants to achieve in the future

Problem analysis

Coach uses coaching techniques to let Coachee see the problem at its true nature, understand the opportunities as well as the barriers and difficulties.

Make an action plan

Coachee plans to practice or implement a solution towards a set goal.

Evaluate results and adjust actions

Coach and Coachee measure results against goals and continue the Coaching process to further tailor the action plan.

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